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One to go, One to come by benex

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Zusammenfassung: It starts 5 months after One to Go. Grissom and Sara are still in Costa Rica but things between them are changing again. How will they react to this unexpected event?
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Kategorie: CSI: Las Vegas, CSI: Las Vegas > One To Go
Charaktere: Gil Grissom, Sara Sidle
Serie: None
Kapitel: 1 Abgeschlossen: Yes
Wörter: 5358 Gelesen: 2132
Veröffentlicht: 22/03/09 Aktualisiert: 22/03/09

Story Anmerkungen:
Disclaimer: I do not own CSI or Grissom and Sara
Spoiler: Post 9x10 “One to go” with reminds to all the 9 season of CSI
1. 1 by benex [Reviews - 0] (5358 words)