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If the shoe fits by emethereality

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Zusammenfassung: A/N: A while back cincoflexand cropper1818gave me the prompt Shoes. After starting to write something and given up on it, chauncey10came to my rescue and made the story what it is. This is pure and silly fluff. Thanks to mingsmommy, beta extraordinaire.
Eingestuft: PG
Kategorie: CSI: Las Vegas
Charaktere: Gil Grissom, Sara Sidle
Serie: None
Kapitel: 1 Abgeschlossen: Yes
Wörter: 1272 Gelesen: 900
Veröffentlicht: 11/05/09 Aktualisiert: 11/05/09

1. Chapter 1 by emethereality [Reviews - 0] (1272 words)