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Holding One by Jane Doe

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Zusammenfassung: He had no idea the sudden urge was the want turning into a need.--G/S
Eingestuft: K
Kategorie: CSI: Las Vegas
Charaktere: Gil Grissom, Sara Sidle
Serie: None
Kapitel: 1 Abgeschlossen: Yes
Wörter: 3525 Gelesen: 1597
Veröffentlicht: 07/02/09 Aktualisiert: 07/02/09

Story Anmerkungen:
A/N: A drabble; a dabble took exactly 44 min to write so don't expect anything special. There is more ice cream involved just b/c I have a craving lately ; ) This takes place at the end of season one so it's an old one.

Feedback: Whatever and whenever it suits you, but I sure do enjoy it. Thanks!
1. Chapter 1 by Jane Doe [Reviews - 0] (3525 words)